Art with Ali

The Studio @ Blank Canvas Cafe

48 Guildhall Street


CT20 1EE

Tel: 07821 361 050

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Art classes for children in Folkestone

At 'Art with Ali' I design and deliver art classes to children and young people from three to eighteen years old. From their early doodles to art college portfolio preparation, I provide a nurturing environment, excellent quality materials and age-appropriate guidance for young artists to grow in skill and confidence.


I teach the traditional skills that are the bedrock of art practice - perspective, light and shadow, colour theory - while encouraging the children to embrace their own natural style and way of seeing. After all, it is uniqueness that takes art from good to great.


Together, we experiment with a range of materials, techniques and approaches - from watercolour to impasto, pastel to printmaking - drawing inspiration from famous artists, both past and present, along the way.

As well as my classes for children, I run 'The Art Interval' for mums with bumps or babies, offering them a chance to grab some creative 'me time' each week.

“She asks me every day 'Is it Friday yet?

Is it Art with Ali day?'”

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